Research Presentations

  • A Virtual Training System Based on Computer Sensing and Football Kicking Dynamics Using Real-Time Wireless Feedback

     Presenter: Alyssa Schaefbauer

  • Brain Activities Characterization and Robust Classification of Image RSVP Events with EEG Data

     Presenter: Yufei Huang, Ph.D.

  • Complex Variable Finite Element Methods for Fracture Mechanics Analysis

     Presenters: Harry Millwater, Ph.D., David Wagner, Jose Garza, Andrew Baines, Kayla Lovelady, Carolina Quintana, and Thomas Ross

    • Description: An overview on complex variable finite element method (ZFEM), an Abaqus implementation of ZFEM and its application to fracture mechanics.
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  • Estimation of Point Spread Function (PSF) in Ultrasound Imaging

     Presenter: Clara M Mosquera Lopez

    • Description: A presentation on Clara Lopez's work on implementing a homomorphic filter to estimate the PSF of an ultrasound imaging system from the image itself.
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  • Explore the Effects of Blood Vessels in Thermal Ablation Using Sensitivity Analysis

     Presenter: J. Cliff Zhou

  • Geostatistical Analysis of Environmental Data

     Presenter: Victor DeOliveira, Ph.D.

  • Human Activity Recognition From Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data

     Presenter: Jafet Morales

    • Description: Jafet Morales is proposing an algorithm which allows for highly accurate human activity recognition without imposing any constraints on the user, except for the requirement to place the smartphone in his/her front right pocket.
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  • Implementing the Probe Beam Deflection Technique for Acoustic Sensing in Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging

     Presenter: Ronald A Barnes Jr.

  • Level Set Tumor Growth Model

     Presenters: Rakesh Ranjan, Ph.D and Andrew Nordquist

  • Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Cell Migration and Laser-Induced Cell Damage

     Presenter: Sarah J Boukhris, EIT

  • Model-Based Surgical Outcome Prediction, Verification and Validation of Rhinoplasty

     Presenters: Mohammad M Rahman, Ehren Biglari, Yusheng Feng, Ph.D. and Christian Stallworth, M.D.

  • Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis on the Mobility of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles in Saturated Sand

     Presenter: Tanzina Rahman

  • Neuronal Identification and Visualization System

     Presenters: Sos Agaian, Ph.D., Stephen McClendon and Fidel Santamaria, Ph.D.