Research Areas


  • 3D Imaging/Biosensors
  • 3D Large-Scale Visualization
  • Biomechanics and Bioheat Transfer
  • Cell and Tissue Mechanics
  • Computational Bioengineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Digital Signal Processing and Compression
  • Image-Based Computation and Analysis
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Multi-scale Modeling
  • Parallel and High Performance Computing
  • Peridynamics and Impact Simulation
  • Probabilistic Engineering
  • Real-Time Control Systems
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Reliability Assessment

SiViRT has established an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students to conduct cutting-edge research and promote research oriented learning. SiViRT consists of faculty members from the departments of mechanical, civil and environmental, electrical, biomedical engineering, biology, and computer science as well as medical schools. The center supports undergraduate and graduate research students who are involved in research projects under the supervision of faculty members.

Imaging and Visualization Team

Simulation and Real-Time Prediction Team

Uncertainty Quantification and Model Validation Team

This team is responsible for developing efficient methods and algorithms for image processing, high fidelity signal filtering, and visualization. This team aims to establish a general framework for real-time control and prediction with variety of applications such as cancer treatment modeling, surgical control, neuro-biological response simulation, and intelligent unmanned vehicles. This team focuses on developing theories, methodologies, and algorithms for uncertainty quantification, model selection, and validation.

Center Research Area Distribution

Venn Diagram of SiViRT Research Areas