Journal Publications

  • 2013

    • Recursive Design of Finite-Time Convergent Observer for a Class of Time-Varying Nonlinear Systems

      H Du, S Li, C J Qian and S Yang, 1 FEB 2013
      Automatica, 49(2), p 601-609.

    • Facilitating Remote Laboratory Deployments Using a Relay Gateway Server Architecture.

      A Melkonyan, A Gampe, M Pontual, G Huang and D Akopian., 24 JAN 2013
      IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, PP(99), p 1.

    • Heat and Mass Transfer in Particulate Suspensions (Book)

      E E Michaelides, 2013

      ISBN 9781461458548

  • 2012

    • Development of a Localized Probabilistic Sensitivity Method to Determine Random Variable Regional Importance.

      H R Millwater, G Singh and M Cortina., 1 NOV 2012
      Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 107, p 3-15.

    • In Situ Mechanical Behavior of Mineral Crystals in Human Cortical Bone Under Compressive Load Using Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Techniques.

      B Giri, J Almer, X N Dong and X Wang., 14 OCT 2012
      Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 14, p 101-112.

    • Global Control of Nonlinear Systems with Uncertain Output Function Using Homogeneous Domination Approach.

      J Zhai and C J Qian., 25 SEP 2012
      International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 22(14), p 1543-1561.

    • A Semi-Global Finite-Time Convergent Observer for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Bounded Trajectories.

      W Tian, H Du and C J Qian., 1 AUG 2012
      Nonlinear Analysis Real World Applications, 13(4), p 1827-1836.

    • Semi-Global Finite-Time Stabilization via Output Feedback of Planar Nonlinear Systems with Application to MPPT in Photovoltaic Systems.

      R Jia, M Lamshidi and C J Qian., 1 AUG 2012
      International Journal of Automation and Control, 6(2), p 140-156.

    • 2D Weight Function Development using a Complex Taylor Series Expansion Method.

      D Wagner and H R Millwater., 1 MAY 2012
      Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 86, p 23-37.

    • A Genuine Nonlinear Approach for Controller Design of a Boiler-Turbine System.

      S Yang, H Du and C J Qian., 1 MAY 2012
      ISA Transactions, 53(3), p 446-453.

    • Color Image Enhancement Based on the Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficient Histogram.

      K Panetta J Xia and S Agaian., 1 MAY 2012
      SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging, 21(2), p 021117.

    • Bayesian Model Selection in Spatial Lattice Models.

      J Song and V De Oliveira., 1 MAR 2012
      Statistical Methodology, 9(1-2), p 228-238.

    • Bayesian Analysis of Conditional Autoregressive Models.

      V De Oliveira., 1 FEB 2012
      Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 64(1), p 107-133.

    • Semi-Global Output Feedback Stabilisation of Uncertain Non-Linear Systems by Homogeneous Output Feedback Controllers.

      R Jia, J Zhai and C J Qian., 5 JAN 2012
      IET Control Theory and Applications, 6(1), p 165-172.

    • Simulation-Based Crack Growth Mitigation Through Optimum Laser Peened Residual Stress.

      G Singh, J Ocampo, A Clauer and H R Millwater., 1 JAN 2012
      International Journal of Structural Integrity, 3(3), p 236-259.

  • 2011

    • Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Gas-Solid Particle Flow in a Horizontal Pipe.

      A Kartushinski, E E Michaelides, Y Rudi, S Tisler and I Shcheglov., 1 NOV 2011
      AIChE Journal, 57(11), p 2977-2988.

    • Effect of Mineral-Collagen Interfacial Behavior on the Microdamage Progression in Bone using a Probabilistic Cohesive Finite Element Model.

      Q Luo, R Nakade, X Dong, Q Rong, and X Wang., 1 OCT 2011
      Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 4(7), p 943-952.

    • Maximum Likelihood and Restricted Maximum Likelihood Inference for a Class of Gaussian Markok Random Fields.

      V De Oliveira and M Ferreira., 1 SEP 2011
      Mertika, 74(2), p 167-183.

    • Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis with Respect to Bounds of Truncated Distributions.

      H R Millwater and Y Feng., 15 JUN 2011
      ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(6), p 061001.

    • Real-Time Predictive Surgical Control for Cancer Treatment Using Laser Ablation [Life Science].

      D. Fuentes and Y. Feng., 1 MAY 2011
      IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 28(3), p 134-138.

    • Game-Theoretic Static Load Balancing for Distributed Systems.

      S Penmatsa and A T Chronopoulos., 1 APR 2011
      Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 71(4), p 537-555.

    • Multi-Resolution Decomposition Schemes Using the Parameterized Logarithmic Image Processing Model with Application to Image Fusion.

      S Nercessian, K Panetta and S Agaian., 1 JAN 2011
      EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2011, Article 1.

    • Statistical Performance Analysis of the MUSIC Algorithm in Angular Sectors.

      A Bassias and A T Chronopoulos., 1 JAN 2011
      Journal of Signal Processing, 15(1), p 37-46.

    • Global Stabilization of a Class of Upper-Triangular Systems with Unbounded or Uncontrollable Linearizations.

      S Ding, S Li and Q Li and C J Qian., 2011
      International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 21(3), p 271-294.

    • Model-based Planning and Real-Time Predictive Control for Laser-Induced Thermal Therapy.

      D Fuentes and Y Feng., 2011
      International Journal of Hyperthermia, 27(8), p 751-761.

    • A Numerical Solution Method for Initial-Value Problems Using Harmonic Analysis and Taylor Series Approximations.

      R Bagley and Y Feng., 2011
      IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics, 24(6), p 841-860.
      ISSN 1992-9986

  • 2010

    • Studying the Impact of Synchronization Frequency on Scheduling Tasks with Dependencies on Heterogeneous Systems.

      T Andronikos, F Ciorba, I Riakiotakis, G Papakonstantinou and A T Chronopoulos., 1 DEC 2010
      Performance Evaluation, 67(12), p 1324-1339.

    • Global Finite-Time Stabilisation by Output Feedback for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.

      J Li, C J Qian and S Ding., 1 NOV 2010
      International Journal of Control, 83(11), p 2241-2252.

    • Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Fault Detection in Radial and Network Transmission Lines.

      A Moghadas and M Shadaram., 20 OCT 2010
      Sensors, 10(10), p 9407-9423.

    • Complex Variable Methods for Shape Sensitivity of Finite Element Models.

      A Voorhees, H R Millwater and R L Bagley., 1 OCT 2010
      Finite Element Analysis and Design, 47(10), p 1146-1156.

    • Measurement and Mathematical Modeling of Thermally Induced Injury and Heat Shock Protein Expression Kinetics in Normal and Cancerous Prostate Cells.

      M N Rylander, Y Feng, K Zimmermann and K Diller., 21 SEP 2010
      International Journal of Hyperthermia, 26(8), p 748-764.

    • Random Field Assessment of Nanoscopic Inhomogeneity of Bone.

      X N Dong, Q Luo, D Sparkman, H R Millwater and X Wang., 15 SEP 2010
      Bone, 47(6), p 1080-1084.

    • Off-Highway Heavy-Duty Truck Under-Hood Thermal Analysis.

      S Mao, Z-G Feng and E E Michaelides., 1 SEP 2010
      Applied Thermal Engineering, 30(13), 1726-1733.

    • Cholesterol Homeostasis Markers are Localized to Mouse Hippocampal Pyramidal and Granule Layers.

      C Valdez, M Smith, G Perry, C Phelix and F Santamaria., 1 AUG 2010
      Hippocampus, 20(8), P 902-905.

    • Adaptive Real-Time Bioheat Transfer Models for Computer Driven MR-Guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy.

      Y Feng, A Elliott, A Shetty, R McNichols, J T Oden and R Stafford., 5 MAY 2010
      IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 57(5), p 1024-1030.

    • Fast Convergent Observer Design for Output Feedback Stabilisation of a Planar Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft.

      M T Frye, S Ding, C J Qian and S Li., 8 APR 2010
      IET Control Theory and Applications, 4(4), p 690-700.

    • Dendritic Excitability Modulates Dendritic Information Processing in a Purkinje Cell Mode.

      A Coop, H Cornelius and F Santamaria., 30 MAR 2010
      Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 4, p 6.

    • 13.3 Objective Bayesian Analysis for Gaussian Random Fields (Book Chapter).

      V De Oliveira., 2010
      In Frontiers of Statistical Decision Making and Bayesian Analysis—In Honor of James O Berger, p 497-511.
      ISBN 9781441969446

    • Development of a Localized Probabilistic Sensitivity Method to Determine Random Variable Regional Importance.

      H R Millwater and G Singh., 2010
      Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2(6), p 7710-7711.

    • Quantifying the Effects of Elastic Collisions and Non-Covalent Binding on Glutamate Receptor Trafficking in the Post-Synaptic Density.

      F Santamaria, J Gonzalez, S Raghavachari and G Augustine., 2010
      PLoS Computational Biology, 6, p e1000780.

  • 2009

    • Nanoshell-Mediated Laser Surgery Simulation for Prostate Cancer Treatment.

      Y Feng, D Fuentes, A Hawkins, J Bass, M N Rylander, A Elliott, A Shetty, R J Stafford and J T Oden., 1 JAN 2009
      Engineering with Computers, 25(1), p 3-13.