2012 Advisory Board Review

On March 9, 2012, Advanced Visualization Laboratory hosted an exclusive Open House for UTSA SiViRT Center's external review committee.

To recruit, educate and prepare a diverse student population to become world-class Computational Engineering and Science Researchers.DR Agrawal is UTSA's Dean for the College of Engineering and a SiViRT Center member.DR Feng is the Director for both the SiViRT Center and the VizLab.To educate undergraduate and graduate students through first-hand research and design experiences for students.SiViRT has established an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students to conduct research oriented learning.SiViRT supports students who are involved in research projects under the supervision of faculty members.Besides Science and Engineering, SiViRT is envolved with the local San Antonio Arts and Business communities.Imaging and Visulization, Simulation and Real Time Prediction, and Uncertainity Quantification and Model ValidationSiViRT emphasis on supporting students of under-represented minority populations in the STEM fields.